They organise seating, watch out for orders, keep in touch with the kitchen, and manage the waiting staff. They see through chaos and set things right, recognise casual guests and take care of new visitors... they lend Menza its character.

"When we opened, I had little confidence in whether we could utilise the ten tables we had on the terrace that still looked like a construction site. Today we have thirty-six tables outside, and even inside its advisible to book in advance. Menza had a different life-cycle than most restaurants nowdays: whereas usually new places lose popularity after little more than eighteen months, Menza is constantly attracting more and more customers. Its location, menu, affordable prices and attentive staff all pay a role in this success. Not long ago two girls dropped in with their trolley bags straight from the airport after a London trip. After they took a seat they were quick to order: "Could we get two traditional Hungarian poppy-seed dumplings, please? We haven't had a proper meal in a week!"

Árpád Laurenczy
General Manager

"I take care of guests and work even the most morose table until I am rewarded with a smile. I've been playing this game since we opened. I started here as a waitress. Humility and patience was coupled with a taste for adventure after a while. I left Menza, and started working on an ocean liner to see if there was a life outside our doors. I had to get to the other end of the globe to realise: there is none. It struck me when I visited restaurant in Vietnam that looked quite a bit like ours, and its menu proudly stated that they were inspired by a restaurant in Budapest called Menza."

Szilvia Ispán
General Manager

1061 budapest, liszt ferenc tér 2.
+36 1 413 1482
opening hours: every day 10.00 - 24.00


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